resto info

Restoration Info

I am a Master Retouch and Restoration artist. All work is done by me. I take great pride in being the best. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality restoration possible, one that shows no signs of  being “photo shopped” or manipulated. Satisfaction is guaranteed. A personal phone consultation is preferred over e-mail in order to build a strong client relationship and ensure that we exceed your expectations. 


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Computer Art Time is $80/hour. Most work is about 1/2 hour to 2 hours. You can call and schedule a free consultation quote or upload  you work and request a quote. A 50% deposit is required to start work. You will be sent a proof file for you to approve  prior to printing.

Download a sample proof file.

Print Pricing

size mounted
4x6 or smaller $12
5x7  $12
8x10 or unit $16 $28
11x14 $40 $55
16x20 $95

additional prints are 20% off

Studio Prints are high quality matte from a professional  print lab

Please call prior to mailing any photographs for work.

To MAIL YOUR PHOTO, cover your photo with a sheet of white paper or place it in an acid free glassine sleeve, sandwich it between cardboard for extra protection and place in a photo mailer. Send photo to:

David Starnes Photography
4948 Quince Rd
Memphis TN 38117

Be sure to send an email with Your Name, Address, Phone #,  Description, USPS/UPS/FED EX and date sent along with a brief description any work to be done that is not obvious. Please insure your photo for its perceived value. Your Photo will be returned.

Send your scanned file

*** please e-mail or call with details when uploading images ***

  • Please send email or call with details (description of work, number and size of prints wanted, are you local are out of area?)
  • Files should be RGB color, and saved as the highest resolution (least compressed) jpg or tiff file.
  • Scans should be made at  400 dpi, 600 dpi if it is being enlarged over 200% (8x10 to 16x20)
  • Auto adjustments on scanner should be turned off.
  • Please do not make any adjustments unless you are familiar with the histogram and can avoid all H/S clipping.
  • Scanner glass should be cleaned and print should also be lightly cleaned if possible to remove dust.
  • If photo is torn, do not tape pieces together, just scan them loosely but at the same time.
  • If your print is stuck to glass do not attempt to remove it from the glass.