Resto Infofile_upload.jpg340-frame001v3a.jpg340-orig-001.jpg352-7s-01.jpg352-7C-01v4.jpg341-sample1-01v11.jpg341-sample2-01v11.jpg326-20-01v4.jpg326-orig-01v4.jpg326-7orig-02v2.jpg326-7t-02v2.jpg311-14-02v0.jpg311-14-02v4.jpg005-orig.jpg005-8-001.jpg260-lr-001.jpg260-14-01v6.jpg
Be sure to send an email with Your Name, Address, Phone #,  Description, USPS/UPS/FED EX and date sent along with a brief description any work to be done that is not obvious. Please insure your photo for its perceived value. Your Photo will be returned.

  • You may upload your digital file for a free restoration price quote. 
  • Files should be RGB color, and saved as the highest resolution (least compressed) jpg or tiff file.
  • Scans should be made at  400 dpi, 600 dpi if it is being enlarged over 200% (8x10 to 16x20)
  • All auto adjustments on scanner should be set to off.
  • Please do not make any adjustments unless you are familiar with the histogram and can avoid all H/S clipping.
  • Scanner glass should be cleaned and print should also be lightly cleaned if possible to remove dust.
  • Do not tape pieces together, just scan them loosely but at the same time.
  • If your print is stuck to glass do not attempt to remove it from the glass, it should scan in the galss just fine.